Another great LC system by Agilent provides up to 20 times faster analysis and 60 % higher resolution than conventional HPLC without sacrificing resolution, precision or sensitivity and while keeping system pressure at a minimum.

The 1200 RRLC ( Rapid Resolution LC) has the same robustness and operates on the principles known from conventional HPLC instruments and methods. The 1200 works with column dimension from 1 to 4.6-mm ID, 10 to 300-mm length and particle sizes from 1.5 to 10 µm, and with flow rates from 0.05 to 5 mL/min which makes it the most universal LC on the market today that capable of throughput with up to 2000 samples per day!

Selected System Specifications

Pump delay volume:Low delay volume configuration: 120 µL

Standard delay volume configuration: 600 - 800 µL
Flow rate range:0.05 - 5 mL/min
Maximum pressure:600 bar
Injection volumes:0.1 - 100 µL without loop change or hardware modification, no overfill (drawn = injected volume), up to 1500 µL with multiple draw kit
Column dimensions:Length: 10-300 mm, ID: 0.05 - 8 mm
Maximum Column Capacity:Three 300 mm columns
Temperature range:10°C below ambient - 100°C
Temperature stability:< ± 0.05°C

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